EFB Com&Tech Production is an innovative company specialized in communication and production of aerial film assistance.


Our values have not been chosen at random or to meet predefined standards. We give meaning to our clients' projects by listening to them and adapting.

Our goal is to mobilize all our tools to raise awareness and satisfy our customers. We offer them a communication strategy through a wide variety of media.New activities in the field of aerial photography/video are opening up thanks to this new technology: local authorities, architecture, urban planning, private and professional real estate, heritage, tourism, agriculture, sports events, corporate marketing, events, weddings, public works, insurance, risk anticipation, etc.



EFB Com&Tech Production is an innovative solution for its customers, always in its approach to modernize the company's strategy, or to give it a new dimension.


De nouvelles activités dans le domaine de la photographie/vidéo aérienne s’ouvrent ainsi grâce à cette nouvelle technologie : collectivités territoriales, architecture, urbanisme, immobilier privé et professionnel, patrimoine, tourisme, agriculture, événements sportifs, marketing d’entreprise, événementiel, mariage, travaux publics, assurance, anticipation des risques, etc.

Safety rules during an air service



EFB Com&Tech Production attaches great importance to safety. This is why the remote pilot performs the checklist before the air service using a drone. No person other than the drone pilot is allowed to enter the previously defined security perimeter.


The customer undertakes to follow the pilot's safety recommendations necessary for the proper performance of the service.


A regulated activity


Our team operates in strict compliance with the decree of 17 December 2015 and guarantees safety throughout the duration of the interventions.

EFB Com&Tech Production is approved by the DGAC and has all the regulatory authorizations and diplomas required for the successful completion of missions outside or in urban areas.

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